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Floating Worlds

Caroline Faiola




I got on this train without expectations or perspectives.

Sometimes we need to go far to find ourselves again, to finally become the protagonist of a world that escapes us.

When everything is confused, when the layers overlap and no longer make sense.
Your voice resounds far away like an echo, the echo of my failure and our lost hopes.

Making and undoing images, tirelessly, to try to tie ourselves up before sinking.

And, at the end, finding a new look that might give meaning to this story, trying to legitimize our place within these floating worlds.

The images presented were taken in Japan, in the cities of Osaka, Nara, Kyoto and Tokyo between 2014 and 2019. Working exclusively in analog and polaroid, especially in multiple exposures, Caroline Faiola offers us a dreamlike vision of a floating world where the theme and the author’s moods end up intertwining to tell us the same story.



Organization: Associació Foto Torroella @fototorroella

Caroline Faiola: @carofaiola

Installation « On the sidelines« : Interior Design and Eco-construction Studio Consciència @consciencia.cat

Scenography: Studio Baraque @studiobaraque